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Friday, September 23, 2011


Since I got the studio in June, I've been nervous about the parking. It's located on a busy corner, with a tight turn. I've tried to not park on the end, thinking that surely, if any of the cars were going to get hit, that's where it's going to be. I made sure that I park up further to avoid this spot at all cost.

Last week, I was meeting a bride to pick up her book and I made sure to park way down from that dangerous spot. In the meantime, another car took up the place between my car and the end spot. I worried that the bride would have to park on the end and sure enough, she parked there when she arrived.

I tried to hurry up our meeting so she could leave and when she got in her car, I started getting everything turned off and ready to lock up for the day. We (Emily and I) were just ready to walk out when we heard a loud crash outside. I thought, oh no, she got hit!

I ran outside to see the damage, only to find her car untouched. I looked towards my car to find a car smashed into the building next door. It had hit and moved the car behind mine and got my right bumper on the way.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Go figure. Had I parked in the dangerous spot, my car would have been fine.

Turns out, a young girl was learning how to drive and hit the gas instead of the brakes. I was so mad that now I would have to deal with taking the car in, getting a rental, and all the pain in the butt hassles with the insurance company. Then, my husband pointed out to me the fact that had we not had to turn lights off and lock up, we would have been in the path of the car and probably been killed.

First, I thanked him for freaking me out, then I thanked my lucky stars that all that we got was a dented bumper.

I felt sorry for the gal that owned the car behind us.

. She got the worse of it.

What about the bride? Well, she was a witness, so she had to stay and talk to the cops. I hope she doesn't take this as bad luck on her marriage. She already had her ring stolen on her honeymoon.

Hmmm, maybe SHE brought MY bad luck...