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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Leverage thinks mom bloggers are dorks

Did you watch Leverage this week? The story line was about a guy that comes to them to help him try to stop a toy company from launching a new toy that is hazardous. Part of the plot entailed them to launch a fake toy instead.

Part of their plan was to market this toy to make it the must-have for Christmas. They got the brilliant idea of contacting mom bloggers to help market it. I was a bit insulted by how they portrayed such bloggers.

They met up with a fictional (I hope she wasn't really a blogger) mom blogger at a park with children playing.

Come on, people.

I understand that while most bloggers would handle a review request via email or phone, maybe for visual effect, they  needed to talk to the mom in person. BUT, this could have been handled by meeting with her at their office, not at a park.

This just rubbed me the wrong way. There are many "mom" bloggers that provide income for their families and some make six figures. Are they meeting with their clients at parks? How about at the mall?

No, they are not.

When will bloggers be taken seriously?