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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can I get some cheap seats?

Tis the season to go to ball games and concerts. But, with the high rising costs of gas and food, it can put a damper on enjoying some entertainment. I always wished someone would give me a good deal on some Yankee Stadium tickets, or Fenway Park tickets.

I found a great site called, that offers you a good deal on tickets and if you are looking for tickets to an event, you can find it. So, whether you want Jersey Boys Tickets , Harlem Globetrotters Tickets, or even Taylor Swift Tickets ;you can get them here!

What a relief, since I need to find some cheap tickets for the hubby's birthday present-he loves Michael Buble and he's going to be in town for his birthday month-yeah!!


Nezzy said...

Oh I'm so jealous...Hubs is gonna be so blown away with the Michael Buble tickets!

Thanks for the heads up and girl...enjoy!

God bless and have a terrific day! :o)