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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a Zhu Zhu party!

Have you heard of Zhu Zhu Pets? If you have children, then you probably have. Zhu Zhu Pets are Zhu Zhu pets are fuzzy, interactive hamsters that run around like real hamsters. They are about the size of regular hamsters and take two AA batteries.

It took awhile for my youngest to catch on to it. She just wasn't interested until a couple of months ago. A great timing too, because I was picked by MomSelect to host a Zhu Zhu babies party!
I could not believe what our party kit included. We got enough babies for everyone, a big Zhu Zhu pet, a nursery, and extra outfits. Plus, ideas for the party.

I decided to invite some daycare kids and some of Emily's friends from school. We started the party by letting everyone pick out a Zhu Zhu baby.

We already had the nursery set up, so everyone got to try it out. Oh, I also told moms that kids could bring their Zhu Zhu pets from home if they had one.

We passed out treats while they played for awhile. Then, we played hide-the-egg game. Whoever found the egg won one of the outfits for their baby. The kids loved it! Afterwards, they wanted to go back to playing with the nursery. I'm guessing that some moms probably got an idea for next birthday. :)
Would I recommend Zhu Zhu babies and accessories? Yes! I think they offer hours of play and when friends can bring their pets from home, there is a lot of interactive play without the fighting that sometimes comes along with sharing.

We are now looking into getting more accessories!

I was not paid for this post-I received Zhu Zhu items for party review.