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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puking up Monster High...

Is your daughter into Monster High? My Emily is. So much, that I fear it's an addiction. I admit though, that I enjoy finding a "hard-to-find" doll with her. Maybe I'm addicted too. Anyway, she started getting into collecting them since last year, and she got all her friends into Monster High as well. Sorry, parents of those children!

Right now, she has dolls, ten outfits, their play makeup, purses, shoes, posters, and list goes on. She probably dreams in Monster High.
Here is a photo to show you how her barbie house was taken over by these monsters.
Crazy, huh?
We just might be spoiling her a bit-just a bit.
Every time there is a holiday, I dread taking her to school. Why? Because she wants to be the first to get the latest doll. If one of her friends gets a doll that she couldn't, I do NOT want to be that girl...
I'm hoping the makers of Monster High toys slow down a bit, because I fear that I will have to get a second job to support this girl's habit.
Yes, this is a plea-PLEASE STOP MAKING NEW TOYS!
Pretty please???


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