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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Easy Bake Oven? Hardly.

Did you ever have an Easy Bake Oven? I did. I loved that oven. I would "bake" anything I could get my hands on. We would stick cookies in it to warm them up, and buy lots of mixes and make cakes and brownies, and all sorts of yummy stuff. I really loved it-you felt like a big person, being able to work with a very hot object and not get in trouble doing so.
I remember getting my oldest daughter one when she was little, but I don't think she got into it very much. I also used to buy her tons of Barbies and she never really played with them either. I'm seriously thinking that maybe she was switched at birth.
I talked my youngest into asking for one for Christmas from Grandma. Last night, I was asking myself, Why did I do this?
For some reason, I don't remember it being so hard to use an Easy Bake Oven. Or, how messy it is to use one. Or, how long it takes to bake four microscopic cookies. How? How, did I ever love this little simple piece of machinery?
I had promised her that we would make her cookies mix and cake mix after I got all my work done. After reading the directions, I carefully put the mix in a bowl and found out you can only add about three drops of water to the mix. I nervously added the water and accidentally added too much. Wow. You NEVER want to add too much water to these space age mixes. It turned out slimy, but we still used it-at six dollars a mix, we are using it.
We finally got the four cookie balls made and I realized that they wanted you to only cook one cookie at a time for ten minutes a cookie. What? Ten minutes? What five year old is going to wait that long for EACH cookie? Had I known this earlier, I would not of waited until 8:30 at night to do this.
So, I helped her push the pan in, not realizing that you have to mush the cookie down, so it would go through the door. Now, we had cookie dough stuck on the door. Not good.
We survived the first cookie, but learned that you don't really want to leave it in for the time that they say, or you will have a cookie that is burnt on the bottom and those little boogers do not want to come out of the pan.
We also found out that the frosting can be very picky too. I think I must have either added too much water, or not enough. After five minutes of trying to get it to stick to the water, I pulled out a can of frosting from the fridge and suggested that green frosting would look so much better.
After the cookies were all baked, I figured she'd be too tired or bored to make the cake-I know I was. Nope. She was all excited to make the cake because she was going to be a "cooker" when she grows up and she's going to use her Easy Bake Oven to make yummy desserts. I'm thinking, yeah, to use it as a step stool.
So, we finished the cake and luckily, the frosting decided to work for us. For some reason, the cake looked and tasted just like the cookies. Had I known this earlier, I would have suggested we made the cookies as a cake too and saved alot of burnt fingers and cursing.
She was so proud of her cake, she wanted me to take a photo of it.

Next time she wants to use that Easy Bake Oven, I'm going to tell her there's a new Happy Meal toy at McDonald's, and afterwards, I'll buy her a dozen pink frosted cookies from the bakery down the street.


Too Many Hats said...

My daughter got an easy bake oven years ago and I so had the same experience. It was a huge hassle for very little reward, but for some reason the little ones love it.

Marla said...

Her cake is simply exquisite!

That's what makes memories so wonderful ... we only remember the good parts.

NK said...

You know I used an easy bake oven once when I was a young boy. Umm then again, I do recall playing with Barbies a few times, to.

It's sad because sometimes we think about wonderful things we had or did in our past. Then we try to revisit them and realize that nothing can every be the same again. Sometimes it's better just to hold on to the memories and let them remain memories.

If we don't it could be a lot like the day you discovered your dad really isn't a super hero and that santa claus was really your mom.

Morgan said...

$6 a mix and 10 minutes per cookie?!? Crazy. Maybe you can offer to let her use the real oven with you next time?

I agree, though, when you're a kid, those types of gadgets (that require tons of complex work, patience, and $'s) seem like great fun. Then you grow up and realize what a big hassle it was all along. I have to admit, though, the packaging on the easy bake oven does make it look like fun!

blueviolet said...

I loved mine as much as you did and I was so sad that my kids didn't feel the same way either. Her cake sure came out pretty!

I laughed at all of your misadventures along the way though!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

HAHA! Yeah- I had an easy bake oven. And I remember it being fun...but I know it'd be a huge mess. I dread the day my daughters ask for one.

Following from MBC.

sheila said...

ahhhh, LOL! that's very funny! (the ending!) ha ha!

I loved the easy bake as kid...hated it as a parent But I still looooved the gooey uncooked middle.

Creative Junkie said...

UGH. Both my girls had an easy bake oven. I can't stand the thing. Spending a fortune on a "cake" that's no bigger than a cookie and cooking it under a light bulb?

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I'm thankful my kids haven't received an EBO, but my husband did think it would be a good idea to get an ice cream maker.....made out cheap plastic.......that you have to turn by hand........and the mix is expensive......and the ice cream ends up more like thick milk. Yeah, good idea honey.

Kelly L said...

very funny - I went through the same thing with my girls... and the cotton candy maker that was a joke... oh and the button candy maker that would not come off the paper and not to be forgotten the ice cream maker that took forever to make a 1/4 cup of ice cream... crazy... As kids - I remember things being much simpler..
Love to you.