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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Remodeling inside and out.

I feel inspired this weekend.
The artist in me is trying to burst out of me. It hurts so. I must create. So, I've decided to tackle a bunch of tasks and I will probably get in over my head, so if you don't hear from me for awhile, please don't worry-I will be fine.

My first task:
I have decided to redo my pet art portrait site, . I really need to change the look, prices, SEO -just about everything. Last year, I was discouraged with the economy and thought that it was the end for artists. Lately though, while surfing the net (do they still say that?) I noticed that artists are still rocking and selling their art, so if they can do it, so can I. Wish me luck on this project.

My next task:
A couple of weeks ago, I tackled cleaning out my boy's room. If you have ever stepped foot in that kid's room, you might of lost that foot. It was BAD. I survived the task, but I got a vision. This vision came from reading my blog buddy Creative Junkie's blog. She redid her laundry room and it turned out beauuutiful. I loved the brown walls. The uniformed look made me cry. Then I thought to myself, I want brown walls-in my boy's room. Of course, that would require changing the rug on the floor and the curtains too. We would then have to take down those posters and frame some cool art instead. Yes! Yes! Oh how wonderful it will look!
Only thing is, I KNOW that he won't want me to change anything. He likes his ugly yellow walls with marks all over them and the half- ripped posters taped to them-ugh! So, what's my plan? I'm going to get it all done while he's at his dads. I'm so evil thinking like that! Boo-hahaha!

The next task after that:
While watching my new favorite series, Pysch (thanks, Sis, for getting us addicted to this show) my eyes happened to glance over to our wall that has the family photos on it. I did one of those double takes and gasped. I couldn't believe how long I've had the same photos up there. I mean, these are so old, they scare me. I remember taking these when I got my first camera when I decided to get into photography. This camera wasn't even a professional one-argh! It made me realize how far I've come in talent and how unprofessional they looked. Then, I realized that when a photography client comes to my house for a meeting, they SEE these horrible photos. Do they think that is what my work looks like? Oh the humanity! Maybe that's why some clients leave so fast. Oh my, these have to go. So, I am changing over the photos and the frames. THIS will be my hardest task, because I HATE HANGING UP FRAMES. I cannot get them to line up if my life depended on it. Pray for me.

Now, my last task:
My oldest daughter Jess has been inspired to start a blog. Well, she started one last year, but life got in the way, so she is starting fresh. She has asked me to design it for her, give her pointers and basically, just bring her into the blogging world. She's turning twenty in a couple of weeks-Wait! Twenty? OMG, I have to stop and wipe a tear off. Okay, I'm fine now. I figure with her turning the big 2-0, this would be a great time for her to journal her life. So, when I'm done with it, please visit her. Follow her. Love her.

Okay, that is all for now. I have my plate full and this may take longer than a couple of days. Then again, I've been known to move mountains in a day. (hee, hee)


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

It sounds like you have some great projects. Art will always be appreciated and there will always be someone who still has the money to buy it. Go for it! It doesn't hurt to try, right?

I checked out creative junkies laundry room and I love it. My laundry room is almost the same color, maybe a shade lighter. I want to add a bit of decor to it. Our room is a little odd because it is a laundry room/spare bathroom.

Good luck on all of your projects!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Looks like you are going to be busy!

I need to snap some new pics of my clan also.

Maybe I will do that soon??

The computer traps me....

LiFE BEyOND WORDS. said...


Laoch of Chicago said...

Save the ugly yellow walls!

ConnieFoggles said...

That sounds like enough work for 3 people. Knowing you though, you'll get 'er done quicker than the next time I visit your blog. Don't forget to link us up to your daughter's blog. Mine just turned 23 so I'm crying with you.

Creative Junkie said...

You will absolutely LOVE brown walls. They are so ... homey? I guess that's the right word. Warm and inviting. My eldest daughter has a similar color on her walls and it almost ... almost ... makes me forget about the 46 tons of crap she's got lying around.

Good luck with everything!

Genny said...

I think it's great that your daughter is asking you for help and advice on her blog. How neat. :)

Following your blog,

Annette Piper said...

I was forced off line for the last week with a computer virus and so made the best of it by completely cleaning out my closet - I feel so much lighter!