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Monday, February 1, 2010

They always come back

I'm still here after a busy weekend. I am still working on my projects, but I did get my daughter's blog up for her. You can find it here. Please be a friend and follow her and maybe say "hi" to her. She's been through alot in the last couple of years . She still is going through alot, still dealing with the ex. As a matter of fact, the $%& called us this weekend, trying to make me believe a bunch of lies about her. You see, she had full custody and he has no rights to their child. I would not EVER trust him alone with Zach, and I would do everything possible to help stop him from having visitation rights.
She doesn't need to deal with him on top of losing her job recently and now she's out of savings and isn't able to pay her bills. We decided that she should just move back home until she gets back on her feet. This way, if that good-for-nothing tries to show up, he's going to have to go through me. I may only be five feet tall,but I pack a mean punch.


LiFE BEyOND WORDS. said...

Thanks mom! And my blog looks AWESOME! I knew you'd do good. =]
And yes you may be little but your VERY scary! I can speak from past expirences. lol If only I could of got a picture of you waiting in the drive way that day. Kodak moment right there. lol

Helene said...

I'm so sorry for all she's going through. Hopefully this year will be a better year for her!

I'll go visit her blog and say hello!

sheila said...

That's great that you've welcomed her back home. I wish her the best. Gonna pop over there now!

eight helping hands said...

You don't have to ask me to go and visit her blog! I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you for the encouragement on the upcoming doctors visit. It makes me mad that you have to get nasty with your PCP to get anything done, then they want to get rid of you for your "attitude". It's my health!!!!
Anyhoo, as that creepy ex of your daughters, kick his ever loving a$$ if he ever shows up at the door, AFTER you know the police are on their way. :-)

Too Many Hats said...

So glad she has such a supportive family. I'm off to check out her new blog.

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

You're such a wonderful Mom and you did an amazing job with Jessie's blog!..She's lucky to have you on her side. She's on the right path, just bumpy right now, but she'll definitely on her way!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I will visit her site. I divorced 8 years ago so I can commiserate.

I love your blog name BTW. I am now a follower!