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Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversations with a five-year-old.

Conversations with a five-year-old.

Emily: "Mom, Daddy is looking at the girls on tv in ma-kinis!"

Me: "It's b-ikinis, hon."

Emily: (giggling) "Butt-kinis?"

Me: "No, B-ikinis."

Emily: "Butt-kinis! Butt-kinis!" (followed by dancing)

Me: (sigh) "Where's your father at?"


While shopping...

Emily: "Does this diary have a lock on it?"

Me: "It looks like it."

Emily: "Good. I want to get this one then."

Me: "Why?"

Emily: "So, I can write about how much I love my boyfriend and Daddy can't read it."

Me: "And we're not even to your teenage years."


While checking out at Walgreens...

Emily (to cashier):" When I grow up, I want to be a painter like my mommy."

Cashier: "How wonderful! Does she paint houses or pictures?"

Emily: "Pictures!"

Cashier: "How neat!"

Me: "Good thing I'm not a stripper."

Cashier: (nervous laugh) "Right."


While shopping, once again...

Emily: "Grandma doesn't love me."

Me: "Why do you think that?"

Emily: "Because she didn't buy me a candy bar."

Me: "That doesn't mean she doesn't love you. Besides, I just bought you three toys."

Emily: "But, you didn't buy me a CANDY BAR!"

Me: "I really need to teach you the value of love before you start dating."


I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by to thank you for signing up to participate in Blog Love Commenting this month.
Thanks so much!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOLOLOL! Too ripping-funny! Omg, kids... I swear they are beyond hysterical and not even on purpose!

thanks for the laughs


Brian Miller said...

lol. these are hilarious...butt-kinis. love is a candy bar, i like that.

Too Many Hats said...

LMBO at the stripper comment - you are very quick.

Dagmar said...

I love these! I have a whole page with Landon's funny sayings on my blog.

Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

Dagmar's momsense

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh! I needed that! Think I'll go try on my butt-kini before summer arrives!! LOL!

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! I love it!

YouthfulTips said...

So cute! Gotta love kids! I'd love to be featured but if you don't hear back from me, I had to take my 2 year old to the ER and we might be back if her cold/asthma gets worse! Thank you!

eight helping hands said...

That was funny! She always says the darndest things to you. She has a great sense of humor and doesn't even realize what she's saying is soo funny!
Here's a funny for you. My work announced that author Jan Brett was coming in to do a book signing day. So instead of getting excited about that..I told everyone that you had your book coming out soon, and that I actually KNEW you....and everyone lost interest in Jan Brett. I wrote the name of your book on a bunch of sticky's and handed them out to all my fellow co-workers.
Jan Brett? Who's Jan Brett?

Buckeroomama said...

I love these! Kids just say the cutest things, don't they? :)

Creative Junkie said...

Awwwww, that is too cute, Tess!

Cascia said...

Kids say the funniest things! Your daughter is adorable.

Marla said...

Too funny!!

Jaime said...

That is way to funny! She's hilarious! I can't wait until my kids are talking like that! Well here is a little something for you.

Pink Haired Momma said...

These are great. I love the walgreens conversation!

Thanks for coming by my blog today. I am now following you!

Unknown Mami said...

Butt-kini!!! Love it! They should be called butt-kinis.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!