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Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm not sure if I told you that we got a Wii -AFTER Christmas. We have been wanting one for some time now, but either they were either sold out, or something would come up to force us not to be able to get it.

Well, after I found out that my DAD got one, then I was all like come on, we HAVE to get a Wii. When your father beats you at technology, then you've got to do something about it. So, we finally got one, when my husband showed up one day with it. I have to say, I totally love it.
Wii Sport image
The only thing is, now, I'm laid up after playing it too much. This little white box can really give you a workout. I wasn't even playing a workout disc, just the tennis and bowling game.
Now, I am SO sore on my left side (I'm left-handed) and every morning, I feel about fifty when I wake up. I am using muscles that I haven't used since high school, when my sister had to play tennis all the time because she was in love with John Mcenroe.

I think it's amazing that these days, you can run a marathon, play tennis, go bowling, and even play baseball-right in the comfort of your own living room. Now, when they figure out how to add swimming to the list, I think it would be the ultimate Wii sport. Not having to worry about wearing a swimsuit after you spent the winter eating brownies? Hell yeah.


Robin said...

i think i would like to try that ..sounds like fun..maybe well splurge a little..!!

Christina said...

LOL! We also love the bowling and tennis. My shoulder get sore after playing though.

Too Many Hats said...

We have a Wii and I have just never gotten into it. I am thinking about getting one of those workout games though.


lol that happen to me also after bowling. I love the wi


lol that happen to me also after bowling. I love the wi

ConnieFoggles said...

I played bowling one time and my shoulder was killing me for days after. I guess I need to get into doing it more often, yeah right!