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Friday, June 17, 2011

The First Communion

Emily will be coming to the age of her first communion. I think she is finally getting the concept of religion and everything that comes with it. Her little niece and nephew are going to be baptized soon, so she will get to see a baptismal for the first time. If they get baptized before her first communion, she will have some practice of seeing a church event. Hopefully, this will ease her feelings on what it will be like to stand up in front of everyone. She’s had lots of practice for when she won the Hallmark Card contest and was on tv!

One thing that she is excited about is the celebration afterwards. She knows that she will be getting gifts from family and friends. That means that we will be having to think about what to get her for a gift. Most girls communion gifts are pretty cross necklaces, or a bible.

When my oldest daughter had her first communion, we found some great gifts for her from a little religious store. I think I will look online for Emily.

She has been talking about wanting a cross necklace for sometime now, so I think that's what I'll be getting her. I wish she would let me get her ears pierced, because I would love to get her a matching pair of earrings.

I thought these looked pretty and add a bit of color.

Or, adding pearls would be cool!

She is excited for this day to come and I look forward to it as well!