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Friday, June 3, 2011

Picking the right clothing for a shoot

We have been hard at work remodeling the new studio and hope to be done by this weekend. I have to shoot a newborn session this weekend, so I hope the client won't mind the semi-done studio.

I'm changing my prices and packages on my photography site as well, so I'm doing double cleaning duty on my photography business.

I think while I'm working on my website, I will add a children's clothing ideas area to help clients decide what to dress their child in for a session. Neutral wear is always classic if you plan on hanging the photos on their wall.

Here are some examples:

These are soft colors that work well together. Children's clothes should not over power a shoot and take away from a child's face.

I think it will be fun to put together different clothing sets that work for the entire family as well.

Stay tuned!


secret agent woman said...

That's a good idea. And congrats on the studio space.