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Monday, July 14, 2008

A new kind of married life

Every Sunday we go to my mom's house and take her to the mall or what not so she can visit with the kids. This Sunday wasn't unlike any other usual Sunday. We were sitting in the kitchen talking about stuff and some how got on the topic of my mom and marriage. (My mom and dad split when I was ten and my dad remarried a couple of times. )
While we were talking, Emily was busy playing with toys in the living room and not really paying attention to our conversation until she caught the word marriage. She is totally fascinated with the topic of marriage and weddings for some reason. ( She says she is going to marry Zach or Cody from Suite Life on Disney)
Anyway, she popped up, big eyed and with a smile on her face and came over to Grandma and asked, "You were married, Grandma?"
"Yes," answered my mom.
Then, she asked the oddest thing next.
"Were you married to boy or a girl?"
"A boy," answered my mom-without blinking an eye, I might add.
"Oh. Ok." answered Emily and went about her business.
This made me start thinking-Will this be the common question for our children's generation?
What do you think?


Dana said...

i think that was a kid just being a kid.. My kids at school ask all of the time if they can marry their best friend( who happnes to be of the same sex).. I just don't think they know the difference at this early age!