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Monday, August 17, 2009

One to remember

To add to my busy life, I shot another wedding this weekend. Each wedding I add to my belt, gives me yet another interesting photography experience. This wedding was a very laid back one. The two kids getting married were very unstressed about anything, especially the bride. I think I stressed out more than she did about making sure their experience was one to remember. They didn't worry about bouquet throwing, or garter belt tossing, or if I didn't ride their butts, they wouldn't even of had any couple shots.
If I could have it my way, I would just come to a wedding and only take the bridal photos and the couple photos. Then, I would run away with my treasures and jump on my computer to see what artwork I produced. The rest of the wedding shots are boring and yucky to me. Formals? Please shoot me. Yes, I think all photographers should protest doing any other wedding shots. We would all be happier and live longer.
Here are some bridal shots...

This is how informal and laid back they were.

The bridal party didn't even wear shoes the whole day.

Of course the couple did not want to see each other before the wedding and they were getting married in the evening, so I specifically told them that after the ceremony, they would have to hurry and catch the end of the light outdoors. They whole heartily agreed-until after the ceremony. It was over at 7pm and they wanted to dismiss each row out of the church. No problem, right? WRONG. 7:15... 7:30...8:00... 8:30. Oh my gosh, my blood pressure was climbing. Luckily, they were serving food already, so I shoved fruit and meatballs in my mouth so I didn't go into the church and yell, LOOK, GUYS. THE SUNLIGHT IS LEAVING. CAN WE PLEASE GO, NOW?!

After pacing back and forth about a million times, I decided to go in and pull them out. They apologized and we ran outside at 8:45 to get the car shots, the couple shots and a couple of group shots.

Can this be done, you ask? Well, if you believe in miracles it does. And some pretty good lenses help too.

Here are some shots we got done. Can you tell it was almost nine at night?

Whew! This was the last shot. You can see the end of the sunlight on the bride's face.

They were a cute little couple, but if a couple ever does this to me again, I will have to put them in the corner with their noses to the wall.


blueviolet said...

Long day, huh? Well, at least you got it done!

I didn't know you shot weddings. That would be fun but probably not every weekend.

Aim said...

those all look great! good job.

Buckeroomama said...

Great job, Tess! I wish it's still that light out when it's 8pm here... not that it gets too dark here, but it's just that all the electric lights come on everywhere and not much natural light comes through (especially with buildings casting shadows everywhere)!

pam said...

Sounds pretty stressful, but turned out great!

Helene said...

Wow, I could not tell that those pics were taken at almost 9:00 at night!!! You ARE good! Those are such beautiful pics....everything down to the background and the posing to the lighting!!

Creative Junkie said...

wow - no WAY would I have ever guess what time of day (night) those were taken in! They're beautiful!

Annette Piper said...

They look magnificient - and definitely don't look like they were done at 9pm! The light looks specifically chosen ;)

I've also given you an award - pop over to my blog to collect it :)

ConnieFoggles said...

I wouldn't have known it was that late if you didn't say. We had a similar issue at my daughter's wedding. You have to have the patience of a saint to be a wedding photographer.