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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Posting on the back burner

I often include posts that state that I really need to stop and smell the roses, for I do tend to keep myself very busy. The problem is, if I ever actually took my own advice by the time I stopped to smell them, they'd be wilted and practically dead and I'd probably prick my finger on the thorns. So, I continue to act like an adult who has ADHD and keep myself on deadlines and open to new adventures. In the process of life, I have neglected my little blog a bit and I've been waiting for the emails to come in from family saying, Why haven't you posted? We need to know what's going on in your life!

And I know today is Wednesday and I haven't been doing the Words With A Blogger Wednesday very much and it's kind of something I'm doing on purpose. I've decided that it's too much hunting down bloggers and begging them to let me give them some free publicity-Is that the sound of a scorned writer? Yes.

So, I will post something about an amazing blog when I feel like it and that way you can wonder if you will learn about a new blogger on a Wednesday or just another boring day in my life.

Right now I'm sending off the next issue of Wedding Bliss Magazine and finishing up with the wedding I just shot to prepare to get my book ready. The month of September will be solely about my book so I can launch it finally in October. At least that's I'm praying to the publishing
Gods for.

I also wanted to thank everyone that have been giving me awards and I'm hoping to go back through my comments to find them and display them proudly. Thanks for still coming to visit and I have been visiting everyone's blogs but haven't been commenting though I will be starting today.

On a less boring note, yesterday while taking a walk to the park with Emily, I noticed alot of bikers (bikes, not motorcycles) on the path and we said hello to everyone that either nodded or said hello to us. After saying "hi" to about the tenth person or group to go by us, I happened to look down at Emily who was giving me an evil look with her eyes squinted and her arms crossed in front of her. I was all like, what?
She proceeded to give me the stare and slowly said, "I saw you saying "hi" that dad on the bike."
Confused, I was like, "Yeaaah. So?"
She took a deep breath and answered, "Well, I'm telling Daddy on you because you shouldn't talk to other dads."
I thought a moment and said, "Well, Daddy talks to other moms too."
Emily's mouth dropped to her ankles and then she loudly announced, "Oh, am I ever going to have a talk with him when he gets home!"


Creative Junkie said...

Good for you for taking some time to reorganize your priorities - I wish I had that kind of discipline.

Your youngest sounds like such a little imp!

Too Many Hats said...

LOL - she will keep you both in line ;)

Another issue - good for you. I am not sure how you do it all - you must have endless energy.

Nanny Dee said...

Sounds so grown up!

About being busy and feeling like your neglecting your blog -- it's okay to take time away and not feel so obligated by a routine you tried to set up! Writing when you feel obligated is no fun! We'll all be here no matter when or what you write!

Dee :D

pam said...

One of the best things is when people acknowledge each other, my kids always seemed so shocked if I speak to a man!

The Redhead Riter said...

She has spunk! I love it!

Hit 40 said...

My boys wonder when I talk to other men beside their daddy too!!

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