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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An epiphany

Almost every day for the last couple of months, I've been dealing with Emily throwing a fit every morning about going to school. This was the same girl the first weeks of school that used to jump out of bed everyday and ask if it was time for school. Then, for some reason, she just started not wanting to go. She would have a different reason every day, from saying she didn't feel good, to saying she would miss me too much.

I tried just about everything to convince her that it's not that bad to go to school. I tried the 'it's only 4,3,2... more days til the weekend' trick-not happening. I tried bribing, but that got too expensive. I tried threatening to take her to the doctor if she was too "sick" to go. She said she rather go to the doctor-argh.

I was about ready to start home schooling as a last resort, when this morning while combing her hair, she turns to me and says, "Mom, I think I'm going to start having a better attitude towards school."
"That's great!" I exclaimed. I then asked, "Why the change?"
She sighed and then looked at me and said, "Because even though I will miss you very much, it's pretty boring here, and school has lots of fun things to do there."

Who would of thought that all it took was me being a boring mom?


the girl said...

Hah! Oh man, that would have been a seriously rough spell trying to get her to go to school, glad she figured it out!!

Anonymous said...

That is really cute! Im glad you got to the bottom of it (or I guess she did!).

We go through spurts where my Kinder boy doesnt want to go. He would bring the water works, stand outside the door and not want to go in..etc. We now have a prize system that doesnt break my bank account - if he has "good mornings" all week we go to the Dollar Store and let him pick out ANYTHING he wants. (He doesnt know its all only $1 and he feel soo special he gets to get ANYTHING he chooses). So bribery for us works, lol! Good behavior every morning now costs me $1 a week :) Ill gladly cough it up!

Ross said...

My girl was hard at the start and for about 4 months, we had to deal with the tantrums as well. Maybe it's something in the name, my daughter is Emily as well. It gets better though!!!