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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Checking into nursing

With all the unemployment out there these days, I've been curious as to what the best career to go into would be.

One career that I've heard that nursing was on the rise. According to Yahoo, Recent projections from The U.S. Department of Labor show that nearly 600,000 new Registered Nursing jobs will be created by 2018. That's right...nearly 600,000 new jobs!

I've always thought if I was a nurse, it would be neat to wear hospital uniform scrubs. Call me kooky, but it would make me feel cool. When I found out that now you can have custom made scrubs, It really made me want to check into it. Old hospital uniform scrubs used to be blue or green, but custom scrubs are colorful and bright!

So, if you are in the nursing field already, you should check them out!


Anonymous said...

My exhusband works in healthcare and has such nice scrubs, lol - and his female coworkers have some really nice ones! I love the idea of not having to dress up in business clothes and heels for work..Im so jealous! :)