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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Nutella Party

Have you ever tried Nutella? Unless you live under a rock, you probably have. Actually, I shouldn't say that. This week, I found out that some of my friends never tried it before. How did I find out? Well, my good friends at Nutella (ok, I never really met them) let me host a Nutella party to introduce Nutella to friends and family.

IF you've never heard of Nutella before (and please get out from under that rock), Nutella is a tasty and unique hazelnut spread made with simple quality ingredients, including roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.

Nutella does not contain any hydrogenated oil or trans fat and is low in sodium. This spread does not contain peanuts either-an important fact if you are concerned about peanut allergies.

Basically, it tastes like chocolate AND it's good for you!

Did you know that you can include Nutella as part of a healthy and balanced breakfast? Awesome!!

For our party, we made several dishes, like a breakfast sandwich which consisted of a whole grain muffin with Nutella and strawberries.

I also spread Nutella on French bread as a special treat.

Everyone enjoyed eating some awesome food and learned some cool facts about Nutella. We even talked about how my mom was born in France and how the Europeans ate this spread on bread.

My daughter and her friend were thinking up different ways to try their Nutella spread.

We included a healthy chocolate drink to go along with the theme of the party.

The kids loved Nutella as well!
They also loved their goodie bags that Nutella gave them for coming to the party!
Try a Nutella breakfast idea for yourself:
Waffle sandwich
Toast 2 whole grain waffles. Spread Nutella on one waffle and add fresh fruit and coconut. Add other waffle on top.
Make it easier-here's a $1 off coupon!
Thanks, Nutella!

Disclosure: I received a Nutella Party Package through MomSelect and Nutella & no other compensation was received.