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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anyone there?

One thing that always bothers me is missing clients calls. Since I don't have any employees, when the phone rings and I'm with another client in the middle of a shoot and my phone rings, I have to let it ring.

I always wished that I had some kind of telephone system that could handle my call, or put them on hold for a minute while I finish up. Well, I found such a service that would be perfect for a small (or big) business. RingCentral has an awesome system that handles calls for you!

Here how it works:

-You get free unlimited calling.
-You can use your phones, or one of theirs.
-RingCentral answers all calls and faxes for you with an auto-receptionist.
-Your clients can select an extension with your customized hours, greetings and call forwarding to another phone.
-Clients can be put on hold until you are available.

How cool is that?!

With all the photographers out there these days, when I miss a call, a lot of times, I lose the client. I can't afford that!

If you work at home with children, you may just need an extra minute to get to the phone, or if you are closed for the day and want to stay on those business hours, the auto message detailing your working hours would be so convenient.

I really think this is a must-have for any entrepreneur-and I'm sure you could write it off as a business expense as well!


Veronica Lee said...

Sounds great to me!!

Have a nice day, Tess!

blueviolet said...

It sounds like a great help for a busy person!

The Healthy Hostess said...

What a cool system!!