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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A visit to the doctor

It's been years since I've gone for a check up. I don't have a fear of doctors, I just have a fear of bad news. So, when a bad bladder infection landed me at the doctor's office, you know I had to be hurting.

While there, they sent me for blood tests and I found that my cholesterol level was a wee bit high. This took me by surprise since I'm not over weight. The doc wasn't too concern but wanted me to just change my diet and exercise more and they would check me in a year.

This gave me a mission: to lower my cholesterol level drastically over the upcoming year. I did research online and found out a lot about good and bad cholesterol. some interesting stuff! I'm going to change our eating habits at home and help out the whole family-I know my hubby's has to be high because he lovesssss his meat.

I also have been wanting to firm up and I probably could stand to lose a couple of pounds, so I'm excited to see what comes of all this. This is good timing as well, because I've been chosen to do a review on a pair of Hot Pants. I'm hoping to have them soon and can't wait to try them out. You can read about them here.

I don't know if you can check your cholesterol, but I'll keep you posted on my diet change and whatnot-don't worry, I'm not going to change to a diet blog. lol

Things are going to slow down photography wise too, so I hope to get back to writing as well! So, please check back daily! Maybe I'll beg businesses to let me do a giveaway too-cross your fingers. :)


secret agent woman said...

I'm such a needlephobe that I don't get my blood taken unless I have to. Last I checked (a few of years ago?) my cholesterol was good, and I'm trying hard to keep it that way.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

oh groan...the dreaded cholesterol tests. I know mine is high, but the ratios between the good fats and the bad fats are amazingly good here. So....I'm not terribly motivated to change anything. Good luck to you. Sounds like you're moving in the very best direction.