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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When you buy a lemon

My oldest seems to have a problem with buying lemons. I think we've dumped 1000's in repairing broken cars and loaning her money for more cars that turned out to be lemons. It would be nice for her to be protected. Usually, her car would end up having to go back because she couldn't afford the repairs, or she would have to sell it. Either way, it wasn't good for her credit.

I get tired of consumers being ripped off by businesses. If you live in California, you are protected under the California lemon law. If you are looking for California Lemon law lawyers to help you fight a corrupt car sale, there are online sources to help. My Lemon Law Center is one.

Lemon Law attorneys in California can be found to help you by having the option of having the company buyback the "lemon" you're now driving. Your other option is getting a new car or truck. I wish we had known about this!

Know your rights by researching the lemon law in your area and if you have a case, make sure you get the right lawyer to help you the most!