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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to school, Monster High, Freedom

Today was Emily's first day back to school, so the morning was spent running around looking for backpacks and school shoes. Listening to the moans and groans of two children not looking forward to going back to the boring and long day of teachers and school work.

As I warmed up the car and the kids dragged themselves out of the house, I sighed. I really like when they are home for breaks and hate to see them go. At the same time, I welcome the freedom to work and not feel guilty because the kids are saying they are bored of their Christmas gifts already.

Speaking of Christmas presents, I really didnt get a chance to tell you what we got this year. I'm always anxious to see what the hubby got me, since he likes to spoil me once a year. Last year it was a new camera body (still love it!). I knew he wouldn't be able to go so expensive this year, but I was still excited.

I had been complaining that I miss my Netbook-it contracted a terrible virus that we still haven't been able to get rid of-so, he decided to get me an Acer Iconia Tab A500 Tablet. He was going to go with the iPad, but it doesn't do flash and I go to a lot of photo sites that do flash, so it was a good choice. I love, love, love the convenience of carrying it around while listening to podcasts and other learning material. Normally, I'd be stuck at my laptop and would have to drag it around or put on pause if I needed to move. It fits in my purse too, which is nice. I brought it to my dad's house on Christmas and I didn't think that I was getting it back. lol.

Jordon was so hard to buy for this year, so we just let him go clothes shopping and gave the rest in cash. Jessica was the same way, but Emily was super easy. She loves Monster High, so we just bought anything that had to do with Monster high dolls . I now want to puke when I see a new Monster High toy at the store. We don't even let her go down the toy aisle unless she has a twenty in her pocket. Good bye TY Beanies, hello Monster High obsession.

I was glad to take down the tree and get on with the new year. Like I said in another post, I'm ready to start the New Year Resolutions, starting with keeping up with eating right. I let myself eat badly somewhat for the holiday, which is okay. I was actually looking forward to my healthy eating- I feel so much better when I do!

Hey! This is nice. I've been able to type more than three sentences without someone yelling from another room that they are hungry or bored.

Maybe the kids being at school not so bad.


secret agent woman said...

The tablets/notebooks are so great. I have an iPad that I love, and I know other people with tiny computers who swear by them. They are insanely convenient.