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Monday, January 30, 2012

Empty Promises

Promises we make to our children that we have no intentions on keeping...

Im going to leave without you!

I'm telling dad!

No Christmas presents for you!

I'm trading you in for another kid!

You won't get another meal until you eat your vegetables!

You can get that toy next time...

What do you promise (threaten) to your children?


Secret Agent Woman said...

I have very strong feelings about people making promises they can't keep, so I try not to - even sometimes when I'm pretty certain something will happen. As for threats... there were a few occasions when they were younger when I'd threaten no dessert.

I sent an invitation to my blog which I had to hide. If it didn't get to you, email me at and I'll re-send.

SupermomWannabe said...

LOL!! Lots a lil lies! Love it (and love your blog name!).
landed here from MBC and following! Hope you'll stop by Oh and a little plug for another of my sites that you can now import your blog into free for added exposure if you want!