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Friday, January 27, 2012


Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

We recently had to Get wild blue internet access at our house. Living in such a rural area, we haven’t had internet at our house. Then our son got in middle school and all of the
sudden it seemed to be a necessity for him to be able to do his homework. All of
his teachers have blogs and that is how they send information to the parents. No
more newsletters coming home in the folder or behavior sheet coming in the
backpack, now his teachers just email the parents when there is a concern or
update their blog to give information about an upcoming project of field trip!
Most of our son’s assignments also involve doing some research on the internet
to complete the work. We just don’t have time to be going to the library in town
every single night for him to do what he needs to on the internet. So we broke
down and bought a new computer and found internet access that we can get. Our
son is happy because he has been telling us for years that he is “the only one”
of his friends that doesn’t have a computer at home!