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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yellow and black season

Have you had enough of my he's-so-cute-I-could-eat-him-up grandson? Ok, fine.

Yesterday, was all about the first official Steelers game. There was planning. There was deep frying. There was Steelers attire brought out.

Then, we ate while watching. We complained how badly Black Eyed Peas sang while watching. We sat while watching. We(hubby) yelled at the tv screen while watching. We (I) typed on the laptop while watching.
After that, I spent the rest of the game trying to ignore a terrible tummy ache that came about after supper. I don't think it was the wings, but maybe the 3 day old tuna salad I had for lunch.

Yep. Don't tell a die hard Steelers fan that you might need to go to the hospital to get your stomach pumped until at least halftime and then you better hope the emergency room isn't busy and can they please be done before the third quarter starts?

Emily usually gets tired of wearing her jersey about 5 mins into the game. She did pretty good this game and even posed for photos so we can send them to The Post Gazette.
The things you do for the ones you love.
I never was into football until I met my husband. I never even pretended to like it to win over any other guy that I had been dating. So, I knew I loved my husband when I actually cared to know what an interception was.


Creative Junkie said...

We (my husband) are Buffalo Bills fans.

We (I) hate football season.

Too Many Hats said...

That must be love :) I was grateful to find a dh that wasn't into football.

Mighty M said...

I didn't get into football until I met my husband either. I'm not THAT into it, but I sure know a lot more about the sport than I used to!!

Veronica Lee said...

My hubby is not into football but he's a big badminton fan.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from MBC!
Now following you.

Steelers are a great team but, I'm a born & raised New Yorker so I always support my GIANTS!

Love your team spirit!

Helene said...

My husband isn't into football but he's into soccer big time. I was kinda glad b/c I have never really understood football.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Your daughter has fine fan charisma.

ConnieFoggles said...

I only wear baseball jerseys could I can't stand football except for Super Bowl because of all the good food and the half town show.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I soo know your life right now. I'm living that life right alongside you! LOL!

Shelle said...

omg, what a gorgeous little girl. I have a 4yr old dd too.