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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looney Tunes and Safeway get together.

We received our Eating Right Kids lunchbox set for review and it was awesome. Emily wanted to try it out right away, so we unpacked the goodies and set out to do our review!

It came with a lunch bag containing pasta, juice, fruit and a chewy bar.

Emily loved it and finished it off fast. I was lucky that I hurried up and got a photo of it and her!

What I liked-
I liked that it was simple yet healthy. Kids can be picky eaters and mine needs flavor in her food and she said it was yummy.
I also like that it would be simple to put together. I don't like having to spend my whole morning putting together a lunch and hoping that it still stays intact by the time lunch comes around.
What I might change-
Not sure with the pasta needing heating up if they brought it to school without the capabilities to do so.
So, go visit and find out how you can give your children a safe and healthy lunch or snack!