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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your card was selected for Hallmark’s Shoebox line!

That was in the subject line of an email I received today from Hallmark!

Do you remember my daughter's 15 mins of fame awhile back as a finalist in Hallmark's Mother's Day Card Contest? Of course you do. I put it in your face every day for 4 months while we tried to win first place. In case you forgot what it looked like (or if you are a new reader).

We got second place. That wasn't bad.

I really think they should of had a second and third prize too, but we did get a finalist prize and had fun being on TV, the radio and in the papers. Oh, and Emily still talks about the card signings. She will never be the same. Once you've been treated like a celebrity, you can't go back.
I totally tucked the whole thing away in the back of my mind for future stories to tell her children. THEN, I see this email and at first I just glanced at it and almost deleted it, thinking that it was junk mail. But, I didn't. I went back and really read the subject line this time.

Subject: Your card was selected for Hallmark’s Shoebox line!

What in the H-E-double-L did it say??

Your card was selected for Hallmark’s Shoebox line!

I open it and this is what it says:

Guess what, Card Star?

We’ve got some good news for you! Your creative card from the yourParenthood competition has been chosen to go into our incredibly funny Shoebox card line.

What does that mean, exactly? Your card was hand-picked by some of our Hallmark friends to be offered in stores like Hallmark Gold Crown, drugstores and department stores by the end of March, 2010!

Of course, the needs for the Shoebox line are a little different from those of our card contest, so don’t be surprised if we had to modify your card just a teensy bit to fit a different sending situation. Your card will now be in the Birthday section.

Don’t worry. Your original creation remains fully intact and is still part of our online Winners’ Gallery.We’re excited for your extra 15 minutes of fame, and we hope you are, too.

Holly Smokes! I couldn't believe it! How exciting is that? I did the jump of joy and the M C Hammer dance and then fell down and broke my legs. Not really. I did run and tell Emily that her card would be in the stores again as a birthday card now too and how cool because it comes out the same month her mom's birthday is.

What did she have to say about all that?

You guessed it-Do I get to have a card signing?



Buckeroomama said...

Oh, how cool is that?! Congratulations!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That is so cool!! Don't forget when it comes out to buy out the stores!!

Aim said...

That's so cool! Nice that they gave it a second look and decided it was still a winner. Funny that the email even called it your second "15 minutes of fame". Can't wait to see it in the store.

Too Many Hats said...

That is totally cool! So, how much are they paying you?

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Aimee= I know. I was looking all over for something that said I was getting some royalities-lol!

Annette said...

Thats cool!!

Creative Junkie said...

OMG! Huge congratulations!

Jessica said...

That is super cool! Congrats!