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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Hubby's Secret

I'll be the first to admit, I'm addicted to reality tv. Mainly, Bravo channel. I can get into pretty much every show on there. I'm also a made for tv romantic comedies junkie.

The hubby tries to be one of those if-it-hasn't-won-three-awards movies, or not on the History channel, he's not watching it type of macho guy. He constantly complains that reality shows are a waste of time and fake (he hates Bethenny Frankel-my idol).

So, when it comes to who gets to pick what we watch together, it's not pretty. I pretty much win most times, since I keep the Netflix movies full on our list. Then, when one of my movies arrive in the mail, he looks at the title and rolls his eyes.

The thing is though, what he doesn't want to admit is that he actually ends up liking the movie or show I pick. Sometimes, he even gets into it more than me. I give him one of those I-told-you-so looks followed by a smile and he acts like I don't know what I'm talking about.

The real kicker was yesterday, when I walked in the door after shopping and caught him watching Million Dollar Listing. He started talking excitedly about how that one guy yelled at the other guy and he might fire him.
I laughed and said, "Hmm, isn't that one of those terrible reality shows I watch?"

"Well, yeah," he mumbled and continued, "But, we turned it the other day right before he was going to fire him and I just wanted to see..."

"Honey," I interrupted.

"Yeah?" he answered reluctantly.

"Don't ever knock my shows again."


Brian Miller said...

ha. this has happened to me as well...smiles...oy...the things we do for our wives...smiles..

really enjoyed a peek at your photography blog but it is not open for comments? really like the one of the couple far away and the flowers in the foreground...very nice...

Safiyyah Abdurrahman said...

Men are funny.I love your blog,its very interesting. New follower.

Julie Marling said...

New follower from hop! Love for you to stop by and check out my blog. Your blog has some great humor!

Your Doctor's Wife said...

Following! :)

The Doc Hubby and I don't go to the movies because we can never agree on a movie. sigh.

Your Doctor's Wife said...

Following! :)

The Doc Hubby and I don't go to the movies because we can never agree on a movie. sigh.

Santana Vitales said...

hahaha! Thanks for following & commenting @ CurlyGirlBeauty! First off, i love this post! Same thing happens between me & my Mr. Although we dont argue too much about what we watch together. But her does have an issue about reality shows evern though he gets into them just as much! Make sure you shop at my 11 day beauty bash!

Santana Vitales said...

hey thanks for following Her untitled blog, i am a follower of yours! thanks!

Snowies said...

haha sounds like me and my hubby. I like my reality TV too. It's more towards cooking shows, he's your typical cars, scifi, boring man stuff LOL.
I have got him hooked on a few reality shows though whether he will admit it or not ;)

Laura said...

Hey, Thanks for being the first person to follow my new blog! I so much appreciate that! I'm going to follow you back. Million Dollar Listing is the best, as is Bethenny Frankel!