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Friday, May 4, 2012

Who ate the cake?

Hubby: Oh, you know what sounds good?

Me: What??

Hubby: A big glass of milk and a piece of that chocolate cake.

Me: Um....

Hubby: What?

Me: There might be a problem with that.

Hubby: And??

Me: It's gone.

Hubby: What?! There was two pieces left yesterday!

Me: Yeah, yesterday. I asked if you wanted a piece and you said no.

Hubby: Yeah, that means there should be at least a piece left, right? Did you eat BOTH?

Me: Noooo. I had a piece yesterday and one today.

Hubby: Right. You ate both.

Me: No. It was a whole new day, so it doesn't count.

Hubby: (just rolling eyes).


Nicole Pyles said...

Oh I would have totally done the same. Chocolate cake just does not last. Too too good!!

Mama Bucks said...

Chocolate is my follower.

Michelle said...

I am guilty of the same thing...when my teens don't get to it first!

Kelly said...

That looks decadent and makes me want some chocolate! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you mentioned that you're following, is it through Linky Followers because your name didn't show up on the list?

Gena @ Red Tag Mama said...

Oh my goodness. It's chocolate cake. There are seriously no rules with chocolate cake. Actually to chocolate in general! I love this confession. I am stopping by from MMM and appreciate you coming to visit my blog. Lovely to meet you!


Good Girl Gone Green said...

Hilarious and something I totally do as well! Oops!

April -My Bizarre Family said...

Haha, that sounds exactly like my husband and I! Ya snooze, ya lose, pal! lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your new follower ;)

Jehancancook said...

LOL I agree with day, new count.

Rin said...

I think I might have eaten both pieces immediately - I have no self control when it comes to cake!

Thank you for checking out my blog from the blog hop!

Susan said...

That is awesome and hysterical!

Thanks for the comment love on 75% Hippie and Happy Hippie Heart.

Martha said...

I love it, hilarious! Thanks for following me at Martha's Digital Creations, I'm def following you back.

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

Seems fair to me ;-)

Thanks for the follow, following back :-)

Sara-Jayne said...

As we say in our family, "You snooze, you lose!"

A new friend from bloghop!

Desiree said...

I've do that with my husband all the time. Haha. said...


I know what I'm having tonight. Thanks for the post and the picture is Gorgeous!
I don't know if you photograph food for a living but you certainly could.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

kristin said...

I'm glad to know this doesn't just happen in my house! Thanks for the follow from! :)