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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leaking ceilings, hardwood floors and a new look

We are in the process of remodeling our house. Yeah, I know. RIGHT THE MIDDLE OF WEDDING SEASON?? We sort of don't have a choice-the bathroom has a leak some where, so we probably have to tear it all apart.

One thing I would like to do is put hardwood flooring in there. I know there are many different hardwood flooring prices depending what type of hardwood we want. I would like for it to match the other hardwood in our living room.

I really would like to redecorate our living room as well, since we lost the studio we had and now I'm meeting clients in my home. I would like our home to look classy and show my taste which reflects my style in photography.

I think that part will be fun, but I'm not looking forward to the bad news about our bathroom, though it would be nice to have a new one-I'm SOOOO embarrassed by ours. I cringe when people ask to use it.

So, wish me luck and I'll post photos soon!


Jenn said...

The #1 thing on my list to do in this house is get rid of the carpeting and put in wood floors! White carpet and 2 kids/2 dogs is NOT pretty!

Good luck :-)

Theresa said...

I have a daughter who does hair & makeup for Wedding season & magazines so I know how busy it can be.We are going to get started on some remodel soon. Happy to have it done, not happy about the process, stress & time either. Good luck do let me know when you share your pics!!
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Michelle said...

Always a to do list in home ownership! I love the (endless) home projects myself! Good luck!

Annemarie said...

when we bought our house we had a bathroom leak. turns out the toilet wasnt sealed when it was put in 40years ago. drippy toilet water rotted the floor into the basement...ewwww