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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giving into peer pressure already?

Before Emily started school, she protested against anything to do with Justin Bieber. I was surprised that she didn't like him, since every little girl seems to be totally in love with him. Emily, on the other hand, hated him and turned away in disgust every time he appeared on the Disney Channel.

I was like, Okay. Not a big deal.

Then, after the first week of kindergarten, she came home and announced that she liked Justin Bieber and wanted a tshirt with his face on it.

"What? Now you like Justin?" I questioned her.

"Yes," she answered flatly.

"Can I ask why you like him now after wanting to throw up every time you saw a poster or magazine with his face on it?" I asked with one brow raised.

"Because Carly and Kayla love him and have Justin Bieber shirts!" she exclaimed.

Great. I've convinced her that drinking and smoking is bad for you. I can only hope that when she hits high school, Carly and Kayla don't come to school with a Budweiser shirt on and a pack of Marlboro lights tucked in their sleeve.


Brian Miller said...

he was on csi tonight too...but i would not let her watch that yet either...starts way too young...

secret agent woman said...

Ah, peer pressure! It starts early.

My older son (16) finds Justin Bieber comical and is making a techno remix of one of his songs.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

If Carly and Kayla jumped off a bridge....

Yeah, it doesn't work. Oh well! You've got lots of years to work on the bad kind of peer pressure.