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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor weekend

I think my Labor Day weekend was literally a labor weekend. Friday, I was told at the last minute that we were going to meet some of my husband's friends for a late dinner.

Hello? Wedding to shoot next day and I have a massive stress headache? Fortunately, my husband likes to ignore me and went ahead and let them know that we'd be there.

The next day, I dragged myself to the wedding and right away my day was going to be heck. The videographer (who turned out to be an awesome gal) and I were handed a photo list that we were told must be followed to the tee or they would hang us from our toes and stick porcupine needles up our noses. No pressure there-we only missed two on the list. She shouldn't be too mad.

Wait. Who is that knocking on my front door?

Just kidding.

This couple was sweet-even with the list.

I survived the wedding only to have to wake up mega early on Sunday to clean the house and prepare for the grandbaby's birthday party. I made fifty cupcakes, iced them in Spongebob colors, and blew up lots of balloons.

Please don't laugh at my terrible frosting job-the icing really sucked.

After the party, I was told by the hubby that we had to go to a cookout out of town.

Really? I'm not twenty anymore, buddy.

The cookout wasn't so bad. I didn't have to take pictures. I didn't have to blow up balloons. Not even one cupcake to frost. But, I did take credit for the fruit pizza we bought from the store.

Oh yeah.

That's right.

I did that.


Brian Miller said...

thos cupcakes are so cute...hope he had a great bday!

Getrealmommy said...

Actually I am pretty impressed with the cupcakes. My kids would have loved them!

PAM said...

Phew!! I am tired just reading that. Photographers around here are complete divas and if they don't get THEIR way they freak out. I was just talking to a gal who was married two weeks ago and when they didn't agree to one of his picture suggestions he took out his piece of paper and proceeded to put a big red X through that one. Can you even imagine, and they paid him $1500 for four hours not including any pictures~!

secret agent woman said...

I like the Spongebob cupcakes. And good for you for taking a fruit pizza!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh my, what a weekend! Well, hopefully you'll have a more relaxing one this weekend.

Those cupcakes look yummy, blue and yellow frosting and all. :)