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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Next, insuring the business

With all the remodeling and business changes in my life right now, I've been putting off going to talk to my insurance agent about getting local business insurance rate. With all that new equipment going in the house, I really want to make sure that it is going to be insured.

I've been thinking about checking into considering my car as a business car to get a break on business car insurance . There is really alot of things to think about to protect your business.

I am thinking about hiring help deliver finished products to clients and I did not know that sites like IIX can get you driving records within 24 hours. I heard that your car insurance could be lower if your employees that are permitted to drive your car have clean records. Something for me to think about.

Next, I'm looking for new camera equipment. I'm a Pentax user and am seriously leaning towards Canon-I DEFINITELY would need to insure that puppy!


Gail said...

Insurance, can't afford it, can't live without it!