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Monday, November 1, 2010

CSN Stores have done it again

Awhile back, I told you that csn asked me to do a review and I couldn't tell you what it was.

Well........... Now, I can!

I ordered a coffee maker and an adorable stool. I'm using both in my new studio and I love them!
Let me tell you a little bit about the coffee maker first...

I got the Proctor-Silex 12 Cup Coffeemaker Automatic Drip . This coffee maker is the perfect size for the studio. Its easy to use and easy clean up. It's perfect to make a pot for clients and it's compact enough to not get in the way.

Now, on to the stool...
This stool is perfect for my photo props. You can find it here. I haven't finished it yet, but will show you a photo when done. I've been looking for a stool this size for little ones. I should have known that would have it.
Ordering was easy as usual and the products came fast! With csn stores, almost everything has free shipping-that's why when I have a large product to order, I look on their site first. I've never had a problem with any orders, and I know if I did have to return something, I'm sure it would be easy.

CSN Stores is my favorite online shopping site-really, I'm not just saying it. So, before you hit any other online shopping sites, check them out first-you won't be disappointed!