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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I always say that my daughter Emily, is 3 going on 19. I fear that I've been cheated out of the toddler years with her because she acts so much older then her age. While other little princesses would love to watch Cinderella or the Aristocats, she would rather watch CSI-not that I let her. But, I'd be lying if I told you she's never watched any movies that she probably shouldn't be watching.
Unfortunately, she's inherited my love of watching scary movies. Not those gory, bloody, yucky ones, but the good old fashion ghost ones.
We are both excited about October coming, because that means Halloween and Halloween means scary shows.
While flipping through the On Demand screen on the tv, I mistakenly clicked on a scary movie preview, forgetting that Emily was sitting next to me- I won't say which one because I don't need anyone writing to say that's a damn scary movie-bad mom! As soon as it started to play the preview, I could feel the burning of my child's wide eyes staring at me and I already knew what would happen next.
"I want to watch that!"
"You'll have bad dreams."
"No I won't. Pleeease?"
"Do you promise to put the pillow over your eyes for the scary parts?"
"Ok. Just this one time."
(Yeah, right.)
So, we watch the movie. Of course you know what happened next. I get in trouble for letting her watch it. Now, she spooks herself over every shadow and she doesn't leave my side when it starts to get dark out.
Today, Dad gets to take her to the dentist to fix another one of her teeth. She fears the dentist now more then the Boogey man, so I think I'm off the hook for awhile.


Dana said...

i hate the dentist....

Jennae said...

My wee one is a little woman too. She still likes Cinderella and the cartoons on Noggin and Sprout, but I have to remind her of her age at least several times a day. You are not alone :)

And alas, I don't even like to watch scary movies myself, so there's no way I'm letting her watch them. She wakes up even during the night as it is :)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Yeah, I have one of those 3 year olds going on 19 also! She would rather play in my makeup then play with her dolls.

The hubby says we are in TROUBLE when she really does become a teen. OH DEAR LORD, I DO NOT LOOK FOWARD TO THOSE YEARS!


Tena said...

Emily is braver than me because even as a grown adult, I will pass up the ghost movies to watch Cindrella, lol!

Stephanie said...

I think every little one has gotten an eye full of what she "shouldn't be watching" every now and then.

Jennifer said...

hmm my daughter loves scary movies she is 9 and hates and I mean hates the dentist too lol My hubby deals with the scary movies and lucky me gets to deal with the dentist guess who she gets mad at more lol

Helene said...

My daughter is kind of like that too except she's into makeup, nail polish and bras. She can't wait to be older so she can grow "boobies". I think I'd rather her be more interested in scary movies...LOL!!

Michele said...

I've too experienced the ramifications of letting my kids watch shows they probably shouldn't have. A few months ago my sweet little boy put his hands around my neck and stated to squeeze. I asked him what he was doing (in a slight state of terror) and he replied, "I'm killing you mommy!" with this huge, sweet smile on his face. more watching crime dramas when I think you're lying next to me asleep. Obviously, I've been tricked!

Caroline said...

That was me as a little girl. And then I moved onto to Stephen King novels. I was facinated. It was as if I was trying to push myself and see just how weird and gory things in the world could get. Now, with kids and a way way softer heart, I can't handle much gore but I will tell you this... my feet never EVER hang off the edge of my bed. :)

Elle said...

I'm a big chicken when it comes to scary movies and the dentist. So I really hated that horror movie with Corbin Bernson, "The Dentist" Yikes!

mrsbear said...

Oh no, I am so guilty of that. I don't know how many times I let my kids watch Ghost Hunters only to have them wide eyed and awake at 11.

My oldest daughter was very much like that though, now she's 13 going on 25.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

James entered the terrible twos when he was 8 months old. It's terrible, isn't it?

Janine said...

My niece is 6 going on 26. Always has been. My sister definitely has her hands full.

Cathy said...

oh, I hope she gets over her fear someday. I don't like watching scary movies these days, they do give me nightmares.

My little only likes Blues Clues on Noggin but her favorite these days is a DVD I have of Sarah Mclachlan on VH1. She can watch it over and over again. I'm sure she's not supposed to but she just loves music.

Cathy said...

I love your new kitten on your other blog. She is so adorable. Every time I see photos of kitten or cats makes me so sad since we can't have one. But she's so cute!

Mary said...

Too funny! I used to watch scary movies with my mom, so I don't really worry much about what they watch. My husband and ex-husband, however, question my judgment!