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Friday, August 29, 2008

Jessica's due date has arrived and we're still waiting

Today is my daughter's official due date and I was sure that she would have had that little snot long before today. We've been through trips to the hospital, many "keep this labor going" walking, lugging the bags in and out of the car, "Mom, this is it" cries and many sleepless nights of wondering if this is it.
But, it is finally the day that the baby is SUPPOSE to come. Hmm, it's strange, but I all feel like we've already gone through the whole thing already so much that I'm completely calm today. If it turns out that this little man was just waiting until the doc's calculations to come out today, I'm sure I'll end up on the floor. But for right now, I'm ready for this.
Now, I'm not sure if my daughter is ready. I'm not talking about the birth, but parenthood. She says she's ready, but I'm not really sure if she realizes the changes she will go through when she becomes a parent. I mean, does she realize how she will become a totally different person, changing all beliefs and attitudes she has right now?
I feel I must give her a checklist of how her attitude will change towards another human being:
  • Do you know that giving birth will be the worse pain you will ever feel for another human, yet you would do it all over again for them?
  • Do you know that you will start not buying things for you and give everything willingly to another human?
  • Do you know that you will eat another human's soggy from sucking all the cheese off Cheeto and think nothing of it?
  • Do you know that you will suddenly have a great interest in how many times another human can go to the bathroom?
  • Do you know that you will be giving up sleep for another human for a good four to five years-longer if they are a butthead teenager?
  • Do you know that you will think nothing about changing another human's poopy butt, even when it's the greenest, runniest and worse smelling poop you've ever seen?
  • Do you know that you will never care so much and would even DIE for another human as you will for this human?
  • Do you know you will love all of this?


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope the baby comes soon happy and healthy! And your list of questions is right on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope things are getting better for you very soon!

Amy Clary said...

Fingers crossed. I pray all goes well with the delivery of the new little one.
Reading your quiz makes me want to have another baby. :) Isn't it funny how addicted to all those quirky things we can get?

Have a great holiday weekend!

stickymama said...

Waiting is excruciating! Both of mine were a week overdue--it was the worst week of my pregnancies, only because of the anticipation. That, plus every phone call that asked, "Haven't you had that baby yet!?"

Good luck!

Dana said...

good luck with everything.. I hoe the baby comes soon... I will say a lil prayer for ya!!

Nina said...

Loved your list of things you will do for another human. I personally find it amazing what I will do for another human. It is no longer about me and it is all about them.

Tena said...

so true, so true! I sat here nodding my head in agreement during the whole list!
When the time comes for the baby I hope it is fast and smooth!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how having a baby changes your perspective on everything. I hope the little guy comes soon, and I hope he's an easy healthy delivery. Good luck to you and your daughter. Maybe tonight's the night.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Good luck to her! I hope the little one comes soon, and easily. I love your list and it is all so true.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Good luck to her! I hope the little one comes soon, and easily. I love your list and it is all so true.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!
Let's hope for this weekend!

My Trendy Tykes said...

Hopefully the baby arrives SOON!!

How exciting....


Anonymous said...

Good luck and Congratulations!!!! And your words brought tears to me eyes because they are all so very true.

Anonymous said...

Now that i pick myself up off the floor..sooo true! i had no idea until i had my first and boy you got it right:)

Rock Star Maternity
The Domestic Engineer's Union

Anonymous said...

Good luck and I hope the baby comes soon. The waiting is sooo hard. I agreed with all the things you wrote. You just don't realize how much you can love someone until you have a child of your own.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your daughter! She may not know it yet, but her whole world and way of thinking are about to change. My daughter is only 3, so I'm still learning, but I told my mother when she was born that I never knew I could love another person this much. It's a wonderful feeling!

Helene said...

Hope the baby arrives soon! What a great post! There is no way possible to know all the emotions involved with parenthood until you become a parent yourself...I know what you mean!

I remember telling a good friend of mine, before I had kids, that you would never catch me in a million years picking a booger out of my child's nose with my bare finger or lifting my child up in public to smell their butts to see if their poopy. She still laughs at me to this day when we're together, as she watches me do those very things I said I'd never do!! Oh, the love we have for our children!!

Unknown said...

Waiting is worse than the labor itself. That anticipation? Ugh!

Again, take care and good luck with everything. We are excited on the photos too :)