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Friday, August 1, 2008

Drum roll, pleeeease!

It's over! It's over!
I'm happy to announce that we have the winners picked for our July Contest.
Did you win?
Well, if you are one of the people below, you did.
I'll start with 3rd place winners:
Itsy Bitsy Yoga dvd
Jamie Peterson
2nd Place winner:
A Play House ($70 value) from
Stubby Pencil Studio
A gift fromTa tas
Kristie Scarffe
Dana !!!!
Yep Dana, you win all of this!
Grand Prize:
$20 gift certificate to
The Bowtique
A onesie or tshirt (winners choice) from
Zoe & Sprout
$50 gift certificate from
The Warm Biscuit Bedding Company
A $25 gift voucher from
Tiny Nut
A cool little hat from
Little Fit
GRiPPiES from
Thanks to everyone for leaving comments and I hope you still stay a reader cause my life is full of funny things!
Winners names will be sent to companies and they will deal with you directly. If you don't hear from them soon, please let me know!
Have fun with your prizes!
Now, I'm going to go be sad that it's all over. Is it too early for a drink?


Dana said...

YAY.... I can't believe I won.. I am sooo excited...

queenoftheclick said...

Woohoooo!! Thank you so much.

It's not to early for a drink - what are you having?

Anonymous said...

wow! how cool is that! thank you very much.