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Friday, August 15, 2008

A movie star in the making

Today is an exciting day!
Donald Borchers, a producer from the original movie, "Children of the Corn" will be shooting a remake in the Quad-Cities next month and they are casting children for it this week. We found out they were looking for some toddlers, so we decided to let Emily try out! My husband is taking her and she's so excited. She loves scary movies and even though I may be biased, she has such a cute personality- I hope she wins them over!
We ran out last night to get her a new outfit and shoes-which cost us a small fortune, so if she gets a part, I hope we at least get our cost back-lol! The remake will debut on cable television’s Sci-Fi Channel next year in the United States and be distributed in theaters around Europe.
Wish us luck!
Her "Children of the Corn" pose.


Peter Dyrholm said...

break a leg... (you know theater and movies don't say the l... word out loud).

She sure looks to have the attitude and yet manage to be awfully cute :-)

crazy working mom said...

Oh wow, that's cool! :)

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll come back soon.

Matt-Man said...

Good luck to Emily. Children of the Corn is one of my faves, and one that I reference on my site once in awhile. Cheers Tess!!

jennifer said...

Yep! That pose has Children of the Corn written ALL over it! HAH!

How cool! I hope she gets it!


Tess said...

Thanks everyone-we have our fingers crossed!