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Monday, October 5, 2009

Go team, go...

Our latest addition to the Steelers family wardrobe.
My husband called me up the other day so excited that he got an awesome deal at the store. He was so unbelievably happy, I was thinking maybe he found a new 57 inch widescreen TV dirt cheap, or maybe a new diamond ring that they were practically giving away, or maybe that new dishwasher I wanted was on super, super sale-my mind was dancing with anticipation of what jewel he found.
He then announces that he found a Steelers jersey for little Zach for twenty dollars.
How this man makes it through our front door at night without getting bopped on the head with a frying pan is beyond me.


Too Many Hats said...

LOL! The male mind is a mystery. That was really sweet of your hubby though.

Creative Junkie said...

When my eldest was a baby, my then husband found a Raiders outfit which he insisted she wear all the time.

Did I mention she was a girl?

And hardly had any hair?

In so many of our photos, I look like I have a son.

eight helping hands said...

Um....where's the Iowa Hawkeye Jersey? They are 5-0! Let's show some patriotism please!

blueviolet said...

Based on that photo, it was totally worth $20! :)

Silvia said...

he looks very handsome!!

I found you through MBC

Jennifer said...

Sounds exactly like my husband and our Oakland A's! LOL!