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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick-or-treating, an extra hour of sleep and no book

With a weekend filled with walking miles on end, through gusty winds and cold temps, I'm glad I get to end it with an extra hour of sleep. It actually started last night, when we went trick-or-treating in our town against the recommendation of staying home because of the flu risk from the news-and my mom. We took precautions and pretty much everyone giving out candy just put it in Emily's bag and I rang the doorbells, followed by hand sanitizer. We had to battle a horrible wind that about knocked us off or feet and Emily's tiara took flight off her head several times.
Unfortunately, Emily doesn't share the traditional need to stay out the whole three hours and hit as many houses as possible like the rest of us do. She must take after her dad, who we do not let go with anymore after he's proved more than once that he is done after the first block.

Little Zach went with, but apparently the people handing out candy didn't feel that he should have any. Can you believe it? Maybe they haven't seen him put away a chocolate frosted double decker cupcake? This boy can eat and he likes his candy. Oh well. I guess they saved my daughter a huge dental bill-maybe she should send them a thank-you card. Some people.

Tonight we are going to our neighboring town and Zach and Jessica are going with a fellow mom friend and her little one. Maybe these people will see the importance of equal rights to all trick-or-treaters. That, or Zach can just kick them in the shin.

Ok, now. Maybe you've been wondering where the heck my book is, but are too polite to ask. You guys are just so nice like that. That's what I love about you. Well, it's been pushed back. I know, I'm mad too. October is like prime book-touring-will-sell-the-best month, but, it's all going to be ok. Just go grab your PW cookbook and maybe Dooce's new book and get that reading out of the way and hopefully, mine will be here by Christmas. I'm not promising, because I might jinx it and we wouldn't want that. I mean, what else would go with the Snuggies I'm giving everyone for Christmas??


Shelly said...

What a cute costume! Glad you had fun!

sheila said...

People actually denied the little one candy? I'd throw some eggs at their house, lol. The princess looks beautiful!

Creative Junkie said...

She's so cute!

Your last line cracked me up!

Too Many Hats said...

I want my book NOW - said while I stomp my feet.

Priscila said...

that is the cutest costume! Just love it!~!! You have an amazing blog!

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ConnieFoggles said...

How dare they not give Zach any candy! Tricks to them.

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh she is adorable. Its lovley to meet you stop over and visit me sometime.

Have a wonderful week.