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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want to be the "Other Mother"

I really feel depressed today. We rented Coraline over the weekend and I thought it was a great movie. The only thing is, when we were watching it, my son speaks up and says, "You are just like her mom." Not the "Other Mother" who starts out being wonderfully nice and spends time with her and listens to her, etc., etc.

No. I'm the one who is too busy with work and tells her that she's bugging her and to go find something to do and don't bother Mommy.

What do you say to that? Yes, I'm trying to get my book ready and now it's almost to the deadline of the next issue of the magazine, but am I really that bad? Of course I'm all like, I am not! But, I can deny it all I want. Kids will tell you how it is and if that's how he feels, then it doesn't matter what you think. This has made me stop and reorganize my schedule around the kids. I mean, isn't that why we want to work at home anyway?

So, I learned a valuable lesson through a Tim Burton movie-how crazy is that?
Now, to make me feel better, I have sorted through my comments to find those awards that I haven't posted yet. Can I do that? Yes. I can. My mom said so.
The first one is from
She was so kind to give me this award. Thank-you and I will pick those 7 great blogs to give it to also.

The second is from

She thinks I have one lovely blog. Thank you to you too. I needed that.

So, next time you are thinking about giving another blogger an award, do it. They just may need the pick me up because they may be feeling like they are Coraline's mean mother too!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

My son was having a friend come over and play. He said I needed to be nice to him. I said aren't I always nice to your friends. He said yes, just not nice to him! It's so great to be a mom!

Jenny said...

I feel like that mom a lot of the time (I haven't seen the movie though)...I feel for you! We do what we can and we do the best that we can. You were spending time with them while watching the movie weren't you? I'm sure you are a wonderful mom!

Buckeroomama said...

I guess if we can take the hugs and kisses, we should be 'big' enough to take the lumps that go with motherhood, too. :)

My son just called me bossy!

Stacie said...

I can understand how you feel exactly. In fact the other day I was wondering myself if I spent enough time with the kids. So I too had to reorganize things.

Congrats on your awards.

eight helping hands said...

I am definitely not the Other Mom. When the girls ask me to play, I'm always saying, "after the laundry, or dishes, or vacuuming, or cooking, or picking up, or finishing my computer work, or writing some of my story."
A lot of times I end not spending time with them at all. Then the guilt kicks in.
We do the best we can. They don't all grow up to hate us, just the ones that don't go into therapy. :-)

Too Many Hats said...

Ouch, well good for you for listening to him and rearranging the schedule. Congrats on your awards.

Helene said...

Oh that's me too. I'm always saying "just leave me alone for just one more minute and then I'll come play with you". I wish there were more hours in a day....then I could do everything without the guilt!!

Jennifer said...

I always feel guilty - and I don't even have a book or a magazine to show for it!!!

Hit 40 said...

You mentioned a movie...

I am in the mood to see a movie too!! I want some movie theater popcorn. Yummy!!! Julie and Julia is suppose to be cute.