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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Twilight shirts continue

I am a Twilight fan and I am anxiously awaiting for New Moon to come out. That was my favorite book of the series and I am definitely now a Team Jacob. lol. I don't know if you remember my episode with my Twilight shirt and how the cashier kind of laughed at me being a mom wearing a Twilight shirt? I've gotten over that and I just had to get a New Moon shirt because you know, Jacob is so, so, so hot. Yes, I went there.

Ironically, my husband bought the Twilight shirt and asked when we were getting the Jacob shirt. I'm like, TODAY. NOW. LET'S GO. This man obviously doesn't feel threatened by these gorgeous, beautiful and perfect men. That, or he knows there's no chance that I'm running away with any of them any time soon.

So, we go to the mall and start looking at all the choices of shirts. I was in heaven. I was going around saying, I want this one. No, this one. No, this one-maybe this is where Emily gets her indecisiveness over clothing from.

When I finally get down to two shirt choices, he finally tells me to just get both. I can't argue about that, but I was still wondering about the size. I was pretty comfortable about going with a medium since they ran a bit small, but he kept saying that maybe I should get a large. Now, all I can think is, a husband should never tell his wife that she should get a size larger. He really started making me self-conscious and a bit mad.

Finally, I'm like, ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT? He quietly says, I'm worried about it fitting over your chest. I'm like, Oh. Ok.

I guess he won't be sleeping in the garage tonight.


Opus #6 said...

You could probably call me Team Edward, but I like the Edward I imagined when reading the book. More unworldly, more Alabaster, than the movie actor. Jacob is a child. ;-)

Creative Junkie said...

I must be living in another dimension, because I'm not seeing those shirts anywhere around here? How funny that you're looking for one yourself - I'm betting my 15 year old daughter would like one!

Helene said...

Oh yes that's a classic mistake that most men make!! Never try to guess a woman's size!!!!

I cannot wait for New Moon to come out either!!!