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Monday, December 27, 2010

I need a fireplace

Whenever it starts snowing out here, I always think about how I wished I had a fireplace. How nice would it be to get warm by the fire on a cold winter's night? I know there are many different kinds of fireplaces, from old fashion wood burning to fireplaces that use gas logs.

I know that when we move, we are definately looking for a house with a fireplace, or installing one. When deciding on what kind of fireplaces, I am leaning towards gas logs. Hansen Wholesale carry R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs, a great brand to consider.

Hansen Wholesale guarantees the lowest prices on ALL gas logs by R. H. Peterson. Hansen Wholesale were the first dealers to sell gas logs on the Internet-back in 1994! They are the best gas log experts!

Another great idea is to have an outdoor fireplace. A cold fall evening would be nice using outdoor gas logs in your gas fireplace!

Are you considering gas logs? Check out the Gas Log FAQs before making up your mind about fireplace gas logs.

Right now, Hansen Wholesale is offering a $75 additional discount plus No Sales Tax and FREE Shipping.


Brian Miller said...

i def need a place with a fireplace... said...

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