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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last minute shoots

I said that I wasn't going to do anymore photo shoots until after the holidays, but I some how am finding myself doing last minute shoots-including one that is scheduled for Sunday because some stubborn baby didn't want to come out of her mommy's tummy. Argh.

I did a different newborn shoot recently. This little boy was a bit older than usual newborn age that you do sleeping photos. He wasn't having anything to do with posing or sleeping for the first hour of the shoot. Mom was getting nervous and I think he sensed it.

Finally, after two hours, we got him to sleep and got some cute photos!

They brought really cute hats-I have to get me some.

I love the Santa hat.

Then, I did a mini shoot today with a little man that I've been photographing since he was a baby. He's one now, and still a little booger.

I had to have Emily help me get him to smile.

Love the Santa hat poses!

Next week, I'm on vacation from any shooting, editing, or anything to do with photography-REALLY.


sara said...

Sure you are..haha! You are so right, the hats are absolutely adorable!! And that little one year old looks like trouble! Very cute!