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Friday, December 10, 2010

Give the gift of coffee

I have to say, just about as much as I love chocolate, I love coffee as well. For all the many late hours I've been putting in, coffee has become my best friend.

I think that coffee would make the perfect gift for any coffee lover, and I have a few of them (coffee lovers) that I just might have to give them some as a special gift. If you are a coffee lover, you might want to check out the cool coffee products that you just might want to ask for Christmas yourself!

For example, have you seen those K-Cups and Coffee Pods they have now? I really want one of those types of coffee makers (hint, hint).

Or, maybe you'd like to do something for the gang at work and order some Office Coffee?

Another great idea is giving coffee Gift Baskets. I love gift baskets, but a COFFEE gift basket? HEAVEN!!!!!

So, make that coffee lover happy (and awake) with a gift of coffee this season! :)


Brian Miller said...

coffee is a great gift any time...just saying...

Gail said...

Great idea, baskets of it, cups full...any way is good.