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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's that time again

As you know, I like to dream once in awhile about remodeling the home and buying all new furniture. Every year, I hope that Santa will listen and a whole new furnished home will be waiting under the tree-or, at least the check to cover it.

This time, I was looking at what I would like in my kitchen. I've always been drawn to butcher block tables. I love the look of them and they just look beautiful! At the Butcher Block , they have many, many many cool butcher block style furniture and countertops.
Here are some of my favs.

A girl can dream, right?
They also have adirondack chairs, countertops and utility sinks
Here is the most awesome part-FREE SHIPPING! So, you won't have to worry about what it would cost to get one of these babies to your house.
So, if you are looking to do a little Xmas shopping for yourself, think about a new addition to your kitchen!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I am loving that last one! It would take up all the free space in my kitchen but I totally love it!


sara said...

WOW! Those are beautiful. I am LOVING the oval/red one.

Annette Piper said...

Wouldn't that be brilliant - a whole new house contents under the tree. Oh well, we can dream!

secret agent woman said...

I really like that last one. I have a table in the kitchen but it has a slab of granite on it. It's good for working dough and also you can set hot pans right on it.