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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eco Smart- Be Smart and Get Some

In our house, we always seem to be dealing with  bugs. Each season brings some kind of bugs. Ants and fleas in the summer,  spiders in the fall, flies in the spring. I hate it! The worse are the fleas. We used to battle with fleas every year.

 Harsh chemicals are not an option. I hate spraying anything around the kids. So what to do? How about a SAFE, all natural Organic Home Pest Control that is plant- based yet really works. EcoSMART is completely safe, non-toxic and all natural. It isn't harmful to people or animals, and it doesn't smell harshly or strongly at all!

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review several of EcoSMART's products! The first product that I had the occasion to try was EcoSMART's Organic Insect Repellent.

The smell is wonderful, not only does it NOT smell like chemicals, but it actually smells GOOD! Even though it's getting colder, we still have to worry about bugs outside. This handy travel size is so conveint and I also like to keep a bottle in the car because sometimes we even get fleas in my car.

I also highly recommend EcoSMART's Home Pest Control Spray. Made from organic plant oils, it kills over 100 home pests naturally.  I really like that EcoSMART allows me to get rid of pesky bugs. I spray all the baseboards and window sills inside and out. It really helps with spiders. I HATE spiders! 

Unlike most organic products, EcoSMART products are affordable! They offer a large variety of products to keep your home, yard and garden pest free! They also carry value bundles that allow you to bundle some of the best selling products for a low price to save money!

 Stop using toxic, smelly chemicals to kill bugs and start buying EcoSMART!