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Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Money Monday-Tis the season

Around this time of year, I try to think of some ways to make extra cash for gifts. I like to keep it to online so I can do it around my other work and not have to worry about babysitters, etc. One of my favorites is affiliate programs like Squidoo . It's easy to sign up and you can be writing your first lens in five minutes!

This is a great way to incorporate online gift shopping with profitable sales-even when you aren't on the computer.

This time of year, I do gift guides. Gift guides bring in readers by using popular keywords that people are searching for when looking for ideas for gifts.

Types of Gift Guides

Product Review – This is the most common slant for shopping-related content. You pick a product and give the pros and cons to purchasing. Though you want the end result to be in favor of the item, you still want to point out any common issues to build trust with your reader and avoid returns down the road.
This or That – Product face-offs are a great way to make affiliate sales.  Point out the features and drawbacks of each to help your shopper make their final decision.
Top 10 – Always popular is the Top 10 list. You can go in so many directions with this one; Top 10 Gifts for Kids, Top 10 Gifts Under $10, etc.
Wish List – If you are not comfortable with writing reviews for products you haven’t personally used, a Wish List Lens may be more up your alley. Write about items you want and why.

Where to Get Ideas

Items Around the House
  • Sale Ads and Christmas Catalogs
  • Online Merchant Websites
  • News

Even if you don't get paid until right before Christmas, at least you can make your money back from what you spend on gifts!

Squidoo sign up here.


Sherelle said...

This is an awesome money making idea! Thanks for the tips! As a somewhat new blogger, I need this info!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Veronica Lee said...

Those are great ideas, Tess!

Happy Wednesday!

Angela Celio said...

That's great. I had no clue that you could do that. Thanks for sharing. :)