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Monday, November 26, 2012

Making Money Monday-I mean, saving Monday...

Instead of the usual Making Money Monday, I've decided to let you know about where to save today since it's Cyber Monday.
I don't know if you went out on Black Friday (Thursday). We went out on the actual Friday and just had fun hanging out. It was dead compared to past Black Fridays, so it was nice. I got to see my sister and hang out at Starbucks.

Today, it's online shopping time-my favorite. Shop in your PJs and drink your coffee.

Now, I hope before you start off shopping, you sign up over at Ebates. I try to remember to shop through them, but sometimes I forget and I kick myself afterward.

My first pick is Amazon. You can usually find everything at Amazon if you can't find it other places.

Shop Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week

Learn how to use that camera over at Photography Concentrate. All tutorials are 40% off!


Walmart is a great place for cyber Monday shopping. I already got my deals from them last night!

I hope you have a fun Cyber Monday!