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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spending (too) much time with the Grand Babies

I love the grand babies. Really, I do.Those cute chubby faces just make me want to kiss them to death. But, I will be the first to admit that they can be a bit of a handful.  Maybe I'm just getting to the point of my life that I can't handle the screaming and fighting for very long.

After a couple of hours with them, I want to stick them out on the doorstep with a FREE-TAKE US, PLEEEEASE! sign stuck on their heads. Did I tell you that I love them?

This last week, they've been around (alot). I guess I had casually mentioned that I would watch all three for my daughter could go out on "date night".

Was I drunk at the time?

So, of course she jumped on that and I found myself babysitting the three little boogers while they went out to eat. Three hours later, the house looked like a tornado swept through it and I aged five years. I found myself listening for the sound of her car pulling in every five minutes. When I finally heard that familiar sound, I think I might have done a cartwheel off the sofa.

Last night, I was thrilled for it to be Friday. All kids gone and time for some me time-well, with the hubby. We planned our evening and were ready to leave, when Jess stopped by with the kids for a minute. She mentioned that the baby wouldn't eat all day and acted funny when she gave him his bottle. I knew something was wrong. I watched his reaction to the bottle and how he gagged when he tried to drink it.

My first thought was that maybe he had something stuck in his throat. We looked and couldn't see anything but he still acted like it bothered him. I told her to take him to the emergency room because even though he could still breathe, if something was stuck there, it might move. She agreed and then asked if I could watch the other two.

Soooo, we entertained the babies again while we waited for them to return. Two hours later, we found out that there was a piece of plastic stuck on the roof of his mouth! Glad we went with our gut feeling.

We packed the kids up and sent them on their way and finally got going. We had a quiet dinner and came home and watched movies. The house sounded so quiet, it almost didn't feel right.

Was I missing those little #$*#*'s ??

Oh brother. Here we go again...


Brian Miller said...

oh gosh...tht will get your heart pumping for the hawk! hey i got one of those haircuts...smiles...

Rosilind Jukic said...

Ohhhhh - I totally relate...except their my kids. haha!! My house is a continual disaster zone and my nerves are frayed. :) But I love 'em!